Monatelly is a bi-monthly digital magazine which is served on Apple store. Monatelly, where happiness is a lifestyle and ambition is elevated.

The reason for the existence of this magazine was to create a platform for sharing ingredients of happiness with people from all walks of life across the world and become a global leader in happiness. There is no limit as to what constitute ingredients of happiness. Ingredients of happiness maybe anything like Music, food,love, healthy living, career, family,etc.


  • Happiness is for you
  • Happiness is for us all
  • Join in the happiness movement
  • Move towards happiness

There is no single solution to happiness, it may vary from person to person. Monatelly will share all those available happiness options that we come across.

We live in a world polluted by negative and bad vibes. At monatelly we believe that happiness is an inside job, it start with you as a person before it can spread onto others.

Keep a happy following distance on Monatelly Lane. Let there be Jabulani (happiness) for all!!!


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